Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mitch Perry Interviews Nan Rich

Creative Loafing political reporter Mitch Perry interviewed gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich at the Hillsborough County GLBTA Democratic Caucus. Rich reminded Perry and LGBT activists of her differences with Charlie Crist.

Gun Control

Rich brags about her F rating on gun control with the the NRA. Rich notes that Crist had an A rating by the NRA.

Gay Rights

Rich points out that she has been a long-time supporter of gay rights. Crist supported the gaya adoption ban in 2009.

I'm sure he's changed his opinion now, but you have to stand on some foundation. You can't just change 180 degrees."

Rich pointed to this gem from 2008. Crist told CNN that Sarah Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama.

“I think she’d do a great job,” Crist said. “Realize that she really is the only executive that’s running, the only one that has been the head of a government in Alaska, she’s held an exeutive position as a mayor, an executive position as a governor, made those kinds of decisions.”

“Hey I think she’s ready,” Crist concluded.


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