Monday, November 18, 2013

Peter Schorsch Contract Drawn Up For Michael Pinson

This is the contract that conservative activist Michael Pinson said Peter Schorsch and his attorney drew up for Pinson. Pinson was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times article about Schorsch titled "Cash for coverage? Questions arise about local political blogger Peter Schorsch."

Schorsch said his attorney drew up the contract but said it was at Pinson's request. Schorsch said the activist had repeatedly harassed him and his family.

He said he offered the deal "just so this insane lunatic of a person would go away."

Pinson, who was mentioned for an open Pinellas congressional seat, said he didn't pay Schorsch, and the attacks continued. Just three months later, in a Twitter exchange with someone Schorsch seemed to believe Pinson knew, Schorsch said this: "Tell Michael I said hi. Just think for 5K he could've made all of this go away. Wait till u see 'The Douchebag Returns' story."

Schorsch's idea of doing Pinson a favor and making him go away was to have Pinson pay Schorsch $3,200.00. That is an interesting concept of who is doing who a favor. Hey, I would be doing you a favor if I took $3,200.00 of your money.

Below is the contract Schorsch and his attorney drew up for Pinson. Pinson told TBT that he never signed the contract. Pushing Rope and Ybor City Stogie are mentioned in the contract. To make matters clear. Pushing Rope has no involvement with Peter Schorsch.

Peter Schroch Demand Agreement for $4000 by Michael Robert Hussey

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