Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ted Cruz At 25 Percent Off

I have been skeptical that anyone outside of Washington actually thinks Ted Cruz is a serious presidential candidate. Turns out the Republican Party of Iowa is running their 25 percent off K-Mart blue light special to get people to pay to see Cruz speak at their Reagan Dinner.

Cruz is probably not even aware that the price of tickets to see him at the Republican Party of Iowa’s Reagan Dinner has been discounted. Typically tickets to a fundraising event don’t go on sale, but it is one of a few unusual tactics that the current administration at the Iowa GOP seems to like employing. In fact, at the June picnic that Cruz attended for the Republican Party of Iowa, the administration capped the number of people who could attend the event, again, another odd occurrence for a fundraising event.

Even though Cruz likely doesn’t having anything to do with the tickets going on sale, he does have to deal with the perception that it creates. A potential presidential candidate like Cruz wants and needs to draw large audiences in order for the perception of him to equal reality. Discounted ticket prices tell a different story. And while it would never work this way in real life, one has to worry that if tickets had to be discounted by 25 percent after just two trips to central Iowa, what its going to be like in a couple of years?

Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan can come across as affable guys. Cruz is devoid of human warmth or charisma. Cruz is supported by elements of the tea party because he is anti-Obama 24/7. Cruz's tea party supporters couldn't tell you what Cruz's position on the Euro crisis or foreign relations with Pakistan is. Neither can Cruz. Ted Cruz is nothing more than Him DeMint 2.0.



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