Monday, August 12, 2013

Dubious Rubio's Anti-Climate Change Position Explained

Marco Rubio has long been a global warming denier. Rubio is also not an original anti-global warming skeptic. Back in 2007, Rubio was reciting Freedom Works talking points with false claims that global warming is just a fiction. Organizing For America is going after dubious Rubio's anti-science stance ob climate change. I say it is about time.

"Sen. Rubio is standing strong against the overwhelming judgment of science, so OFA will be handing out an ‘award’ to recognize Sen. Rubio perseverance in resisting the facts,” says a news release from the group.

They’ll gather at his office on the University of South Florida campus at 3 p.m., the news release says.

Rubio's anti-science and reality stance might have something to do with the $271,228.00he has raised from the oil and gas industry. How else do you explain Rubio voting against the elimination of tax subsidies for the oil industry.

"It’s a tax increase. I don’t vote for tax increases," Rubio told the Buzz. "Those are the same subsidies that are available to everybody and every company. I’m interested in lowering gas prices. I’m not interested in wasting time talking about things that aren’t going to help lower people’s gas prices."

Rubio is so stupid that he doesn't even know what a tax subsidy is. A tax subsidy is the federal government either giving a corporation money or a tax break to help pay for expenses. The federal government is helping highly profitable oil companies and getting none of the perks. Marco Rubio wants to keep this corporate welfare in place.

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