Monday, August 12, 2013

Rick Scott & Staff Literally Run From Stand Your Ground Question

I have never seen a sitting governor handle the media as badly as Rick Scott. Case in point, is Scott and his staff going into panic mode during a Tampa appearance. How could they not expect a question on "Stand Your Ground."

According to Central Florida News 13, Scott wasinTampa to meet with representativesfrom the entertainment industry when a journalist queried himon theStand Your Ground law during a media availability.

"Scott responded that he did not support getting rid of the law, but before he could elaborate, he was rushed out by his media relations team," the station reported. "No follow-up questions were allowed."

Pathetic. There is no other way to describe Scott's inability to answer simple questions from the media. Did Scott actually think he would never have to answer a question from a journalist when he decided to run for governor? If Scott did then he is truly clueless.

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