Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dubious Rubio Wins Climate Denier Award

Congratulations to Sen. Marco Rubio on winning the Climate Denier award. Organizing For America presented a silver unicorn trophy to Rubio's office. Like unicorns, Rubio's belief that climate change is not man made is pure fiction. As long as the oil industry lobbying money keeps rolling in; don't expect Rubio's beliefs to change.

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At August 14, 2013 8:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I trust you all have reviewed the 2012 SLR forecast report by the Florida Climate Institute (FCI):

It heralds a bleak future for Florida for the coming decades.

My recommendations are for more authoritative action by the Legislature and Governor:

1-Request a 2013-special meeting of the Legislature to address the FLA Climate Institute's-FDOT forecast report
2-Request the Governor to issue an Executive Emergency Order (remaining open to the year 2100) authorizing the use of State resources to respond to SLR and activating the Division of Emergency Management as the lead coordinating agency
3-Take immediate action to eliminate all subsidies related to fossil fuels and ethanol; divert all fuel tax revenue to clean energy technologies
4-Authorize all utilities to enact a Feed In Tariff program (i.e., Gainesville) to allow unlimited electric power input to the grid by renewable energy technologies. See the 2013 FIT program at: https://www.gru.com/Pdf/SolarFIT/solar-fit-program-guideline.pdf%20
5-Accelerate the deployment of Gulf Stream Current Electric Generators by authorizing significant incentives (15-years “zero-tax” moratorium) for private investors to make sales on the grid: http://snmrec.fau.edu/about%20
6-Authorize significant incentives to accelerate the deployment of a fleet of offshore, deep-water Ocean Thermal Energy Conversions Plants to produce electricity, hydrogen and methanol for delivery to Florida ports and grid: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/products/otec.html%20
7-Immediately initiate action items to make all major Florida highways fully-accessible to electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2020
8-Halt all development of local and state government properties and assets on barrier islands
9-Halt all State funding of the Everglades Restoration Project due to the eventual inundation of this swamp by sea water in 2100
10-Plan to relocate all water and sewage treatment plants, plumbing, landfills, and hazardous materials to a land elevation greater than 15 feet NGVD by 2050
11-Initiate action plans to permanently close nuclear power plants sited below 15 feet NGVD by 2050
12-Support, fund and promote a large-scale R&D program for low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) technology in Florida; provide a 20-yr incentives program for commercialization of viable reactors and products for the wholesale and retail markets. Contacts:
Dr. Graham Hubler (University of Missouri)
Dr. Peter L. Hagelstein (MIT, USA)
Dr. George Miley (University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, USA)
Dr. Michael McKubre (Stanford Research Institute International)
Dr. Frank Gordon (SPAWAR (retired), USA)
Dr. David J. Nagel (George Washington University, USA)

The Florida Legislature & Cabinet needs to step it up a few notches. Otherwise the Florida Keys will soon become a distant memory and not to be seen again until after the Anthropocene epoch (end of human dominance on earth).


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