Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Republican Offers Alex Sink Good Advice

Former Pinellas County GOP chair Paul Bedinghaus nicely told Alex Sink that she should consider very carefully if she wants to run for governor again. Bedinghaus made the statement on Florida This Week.

"Alex Sink is a terrific lady and a very capable CFO," the former treasurer of the state GOP said. "But when I'm voting for somebody, I don't want to vote for somebody that's a reluctant candidate. I want someone that has the passion in their gut to serve this state. So I think she really has to think that through. The image that she's projecting is that she's a reluctant candidate, and I don't think that's a winning formula.

Sink often fumbled through interviews during the 2010 campaign. Sink is just not a good candidate and will get killed in the primary against Charlie Crist. Progressives won't be happy about the Democratic establishment backing Crist. However, Sink is a proven loser against Rick Scott.

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