Friday, August 23, 2013

FreedomWorks Recommendations For Hipsters

This is not from The Onion. FreedomWorks recommends things hipsters can buy if they didn't have to pay for Obamacare. I seriously doubt hipsters want to buy jorts. Cases of PBR are another story. Hipsters love that awful beer. The funny (and unsurprising thing) is the writer of the article, Emily Zanotti, is a conservative hipster.

Emily (E. M.) Zanotti, the American Princess, is, as she is so oddly described, a 25-year-old overeducated, overopinionated, libertarian conservative, relapsed Catholic, technogeek, “crunchy con” and, apparently, nomadic service industry hipster.


Emily is a Detroit (yes, that Detroit) native, but currently a Chicago resident, and has all of the necessarily pretension and apathy that that “address” requires (as well as the requisite love for film, art, ethnic food and indie music), only she has to hide it because she consistently votes Republican. In her spare time, she shops for shoes, reads non-fiction (particularly on philosophy, economics, religion and political science), plans cheesy vacations involving large fiberglass objects and obscure museums, and researches Disney history. No joke.

Poor Emily has to hide her Arcade Fire import record and PBR supply from her conservative friends .

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