Monday, August 19, 2013

Rubio's Dubious Attack on Religion Claim

Sen. Marco Rubio declares religion under attack. Because we all know that atheists have all the power in America.

"Prayer has been a hallmark of not just the Senate, but the House of Representatives, and state and local legislatures around the country. Legislative prayer is as familiar as the Pledge of Allegiance, and has a longer pedigree. Yet, it is a practice that is under assault by those who badly misunderstand Americans’ unique appreciation for the complementary roles of faith and freedom in our constitutional republic.

"Attack" is a strong word and used by Rubio on purpose. Rubio is playing to the shrinking Christian Right base with violent language on how liberals have declared war on them. The truth is no one has taken up arms to overturn the First Amendment. These imaginary people leftist radicals that Rubio speaks of haven't even filed legal action to overturn the First amendment.

It is not surprising that Rubio would be less than candid about the state od religion. Rubio publicly states he is a Catholic but is actually an Evangelical.

But while Mr. Rubio, 39, presented himself on his Florida Statehouse Web site and in interviews as a Roman Catholic, bloggers and journalists have noted since his election that he regularly worships at an evangelical megachurch whose theology is plainly at odds with Catholic teaching.

For much of the last decade, Mr. Rubio has attended Christ Fellowship with his wife and children. He “comes very regularly to worship service” at the church’s Palmetto Bay campus, said Eric Geiger, the executive pastor. According to Mr. Rubio’s campaign Web site, he contributed almost $50,000 to Christ Fellowship from 2005 to 2008.

Marco Rubio is free to worship whatever religion he pleases. I just don't want to to be lectured on religion by man that can't be honest about his own faith.

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