Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bill Nelson Endorses Rick Kriseman

Rick Kriseman, Democratic candidate for St. Petersburg mayor, received a huge endorsement from Sen. Bill Nelson. The only bigger endorsement a Florida Democrat can receive is from Bob Graham.

“Rick Kriseman is a strong leader who will bring people together to find solutions for the challenges facing St Petersburg,” Nelson said in a statement. “As mayor, Rick will do well for St Petersburg.”

Early polls showed Democrat Kathleen Ford leading Republican incumbent Bill Foster and Kriseman. Ford has imploded. Nelson's endorsement of Kriseman is the Democratic establishment abandoning Ford. Kriseman is also much more apart of the establishment than Ford will ever be. Kriseman recently served in the Florida legislature. Ford hasn't held office in years. The Democratic establishment knows Kriseman. The same can't be said of Ford.

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