Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rubio the Debt Ceiling Hack

The bullshit is getting thick. Sen. Marco Rubio (or more likely his speechwriter) penned an op-ed claiming that President Barack Obama is trying to cause foom through hid "wrath."

It is unfortunate that the president and his allies would seemingly take our government to the brink in order to compel us to fund his disastrous health care law. Every day brings new examples of how this law is hurting working-class Americans, or how even former supporters of the law are now asking to be spared Obamacare’s wrath.

It takes serious chutzpah for Rubio to make this assertion. Rubio is threatening to vote against raising the debt ceiling and allowing the Treasury Department to default.

"We should refuse to raise the debt limit by one single cent unless we pass and the president agrees to sign a budget that shows us how we’re going to get to balance in at least 10 years," the Republican said.

"This is not an unreasonable request. They will say that it is. But it is not," Rubio said, pointing to the size of the federal debt. "They will say ‘oh, you’re going to risk default.’ The $17 trillion debt is the risk of default. The lack of any plan to fix it is the risk of default."

Rubio is now feeling the heat from Senators in his own party on his stupidity on not wanting to raise the debt ceiling. Rubio's own ignorance shows he doesn't have an understanding of economics. The Treasury Department has never defaulted. Partly because the Treasury is where the money is made. Financial institutions have never had a problem with loaning Treasury money because the Treasury always paid off its debts and was obligated to under the law. Rubio would throw the United States credit standing away, at a time when America and Europe are going through painful economic recoveries. All because Rubio wants to be president. Exactly what kind of economy does Rubio think he will inherent? Rubio should at least stand up for his own policy positions and not blame Obama for his actions.

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