Thursday, June 13, 2013

Worst Idea Ever: Purity Ball

Via Not The Singularity: I seriously doubt any young girls wants to go to a "Purity Ball" with with their fathers. I don't think these overprotective Christian fathers realize how creepy it sounds to go to a prom with their daughters.

Purity activist Carrie Abbott of the Legacy Institute came up with this horrible idea. From the Legacy Institute website.

Dads, escort your daughter to an unforgettable event where hundreds of young ladies dressed in formal attire and their dashing fathers will celebrate purity! This extraordinary evening includes an elegant atmosphere, pictures, gourmet dinner and dessert, flowers, music and other surprises sure to delight both father and daughter. Legacy’s President and popular speaker, Carrie Abbott, will deliver a unique message to dads and daughters and our Master of Ceremonies will facilitate a purity covenant.

What a night to remember for teenage girls.

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