Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Russia's Discriminatory Anti-Gay Law

The Russian parliament passed a bill 434-0 that would make it illegal to tell children of the existence of gay people or homosexuals should be treated with the same equality of heterosexuals. You will be less than shocked to learn that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party is the driving force behind the bill. What is even more important is that bad laws always lead to confusion. Some Russians are wondering if Elton John could be prosecuted under the law.

Fines for breaking the law will be up to £100 for individuals, £1,000 for officials, and £20,000 for organisations. Already there have been doubts about how to define propaganda, with a group of Communists in southern Russia complaining that Elton John’s stage outfits should be considered “homosexual propaganda”.

Putin is doing his best of not addressing Russia's economic woes and corruption. foreign businesses don't want to deal with Russia because of the rampant corruption. Putin's PR campaign isn't going to change perceptions from people in and outside of Russia. Targeting gays with Jim Crow-style laws is a way for Putin to change the subject.

I wonder if Putin is going to push for legislation to officially ignore reality if Russia's economy gets worse.

Update: the Washington Post reports that two dozen protesters were beaten up at Duma. Riot police moved in when the protesters attempted to hold a kissing rally.

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