Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peter Schorsch Gets Tea Party Email

"While I know very little about the world of blogging, Mr. Schorsch…you sir, are no Andrew Breitbart."

Cathi-the-Contractor, in an email to blogger Peter Schorsch.

If Cathi means that Schorsch doesn't have a picture of a congressman's penis on his phone, yells "stop raping people" like a deranged maniac at an Occupy protest or constantly gets busted for misleading and selectedly edited news pieces then he/she is correct.

Schorsch rightly took the Pinellas Republican Executive Committee for inviting Dr. Jonathan Matusitz to speak on the so-called Islamic threat to America. Why the PREC would waste its time with a xenophobic assistant professor at a third tier university is beyond me. The Republican establishment can't seem to tear themselves away from the crazies in their base.

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