Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dubious Rubio Runs From Questions on ENDA

Via Towerroad: why conservatives should worry about Rubio is that he chokes under pressure . Rubio ran into the rain to avoid Marc Caputo's questions about David Rivera's legal problems. Rubio's State of the Union response was an epic choke. Rubio's latest misstep is him running dodging Think Progress reporter Scott Keyes.

KEYES: The Senate this summer is going to be taking up the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which makes it illegal to fire someone for being gay. Do you know if you’ll be supporting that?

RUBIO: I haven’t read the legislation. By and large I think all Americans should be protected but I’m not for any special protections based on orientation.

KEYES: What about on race or gender?

RUBIO: Well that’s established law.

KEYES: But not for sexual orientation?

Walking away from a reporter as he is asking a question is a sign of political cowardness.

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