Sunday, November 18, 2012

Patrick Murphy Lead Over Allen West Increases

This is getting comical. The latest recount has increased Patrick Murphy's final tally. The Allen West campaign is challenging the recount.

Minutes after the noon deadline passed, attorneys for West headed to the St. Lucie County Courthouse to request an emergency hearing on the issue. It is not known if a hearing has been scheduled.

Florida law does allow an exemption to the deadline in an emergency and West’s attorney are expected to argue that the exemption applies.

That exemption defines emergency as “any occurrence, or threat thereof, whether accidental, natural, or caused by human beings, in war or in peace, that results or may result in substantial injury or harm to the population or substantial damage to or loss of property to the extent it will prohibit an election officer’s ability to conduct a safe and orderly election.”

I enjoy conservatives suddenly questioning if voting machines make errors. Of course they do. I have written about voting machine irregularities before. I don't want West anywhere near public office. I do believe West has a right to a recount. That said, when the recount strengthens Murphy's lead it is not a good sign for West.

We should have experts check to see if the voting machines are working properly in the Murphy-West election. That does not mean supporting West's insane idea of impounding the ballots while a recount is being done.

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