Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tea Party Nation Declares Sucession Movement Is About Love & Realism

A member of the Tea Party Nation, with the awful online handle CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE informs us that the secession movement is based on love and realism.

Far from a hate fest, Secession 2.0 is about love: love of country; love of traditional values; love of an evolving universal identity called American that anyone of any color; class or creed can become.

This identity has been enriched by pilgrims; slaves; confederates; abolitionists and other contributors to the culture. Their common theme was liberty, addressed from diverse perspectives.

Is Secession 2.0 based in racism or realism?

It's based in realism- the reality that government must listen to Americans who didn't vote to trade freedom for oppression in this last presidential election.

If the secessionists really loved America so much they wouldn't want to leave after a Democrat wins the White House.

If the online secessionist movement wasn't racist they wouldn't act so negatively to a black President winning a second term.

There is this passage from the post that I found amusing.

Conservatism is a multi-ethnic community. Lately, Its major public figure is arguably embattled Congressman Allen West, who is Black last time I checked.

I helped cover the Republican National Convention for The Contributor. Vlogger Freedom and I literally only found one black Republican around Channelside drive. We had a better chance of running into Code Pink than a delegate who was a minority. The RNC featured Joe Arpaio as an honored guest. Arpaio has made a career of violating the civil rights of Hispanics. We interviewed Arpaio and he bragged about his civil rights violations. The interview was a disaster. and you can he me very poorly asking Arpaio about the Justice Department investigation into his office.

Romney is wondering why he lost Hispanics. Letting Sheriff Joe Arpaio attend the convention is a good reason why Romney kissed the Hispanic vote goodbye. So I don't buy the argument that the conservative movement is inclusive. Tea Party Nation has backed Arpaio claims that President Obama's birth certificate is a fraud. Racism and being poor sports about losing the election is at the heart of the tea party and sucession nonsense.

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