Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stop Alex Sink: Veterans Day Pandering

Why is Alex Sink making comments on Facebook about Veterans Day. Especially after the holiday. From Sink's Facebook page.

Over the weekend Bill and I attended events at which our veterans were honored, and we were so inspired by the public's support of our men and women currently in uniform, as well as the many Americans who have served our country and returned to civilian life. At the Florida Next Foundation we want to emphasize the importance of employers in our state understanding the valuable experiences our re turning veterans bring to the workplace...leadership, technical skills, communications, problem solving in crisis situations, hard work, and dedication to a mission. It might take a little extra effort to translate a veteran's "resume" to a civilian job opening, but I'm sure it's worth it! Would love to hear any experiences you have had with our American heroes!

Sink's bogus think tank is nothing more than a way to keep her in the spotlight. This woman is is determined to run for Governor again. Yet unlike Charlie Crist, she did nothing to help President Obama win Florida. Sink's 2010 campaign strategy was publicly dissing the President and blowing off the NAACP. Sink did everything she possibly could to offend blacks.

I call bullshit on Sink's claim on Florida First helping get veterans employment. I want Florida First to release the number of veterans they helped get jobs and the companies that hired them. I want to vet this. I find it offensive that Sink would use veterans to further her gubernatorial ambitions. News flash to Alex Sink: your party will not nominate you again.

Update: I meant "employment" and not "elected" in the original version of the post.

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