Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ion Sancho Not Happy About Florida Early Voting Changes

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho is not happy about the long lines of early voters. Sancho lays blame on the Florida legislature.

"According to some of the legislators, that would let 'the wrong kind of people vote,' '' Sancho said.

Sancho is dealing with 90 minute long lines. He design described the situation to The Tampa Bay Times as "a mess."

"This is what happens when you make it not accessible by design,'' Sancho said. He said that the Republican-led legislature has intentionally limited early voting sites to libraries and supervisors of elections offices in an attempt to "suppress access."

Sancho gained national recognition by proving that Diebold machines could be hacked. He takes the right to vote seriously. I wish the same couldve said about some members of the Florida legislature.

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