Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jeff Atwater's Epic Fail

This is what happens when elected Republican officials get their information from Fox News. Florida CFO Jeff Atwater sent out a press release praising the Supreme Court for striking down the Affordable Health care Act. Opps.

"Today’s landmark ruling by the Supreme Court upholds two distinctly American principles outlined in our Constitution—individual freedom and limited government.

“The Supreme Court carefully considered the constitutionality and appropriate legal arguments associated with this overreaching piece of legislation. Ultimately, the rejection of the individual mandate is more than a legal determination; it is an upholding of the American way of governing and the ideals of individual freedom and liberty—the fundamental principles that shaped our nation and will continue to guide us into the future.

“The magnitude of such government intrusion would have been a significant departure from the limited government envisioned in our founding documents. Government interference in the marketplace would have had a devastating impact on free market competitive forces, consumer choice, and individual investment—undermining the American economy and further increasing dependence on entitlements.

“I am proud of the role Florida has played in defending our Constitution, protecting the individual freedoms of the American people and affirming the limited role of government our founders designed.”

Atwater and his staff obvious don't take tbe SCOTUS ruling seriously. Atwater merely wanted to feed the base standard anti-health care talking points. A serious person on policy matters would have waited until the text of the decision was published.


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