Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pollster Judson Phillips

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is the first blogger, I have seen, to write about President Barack Obama's poll numbers without citing the poll. I have no idea where Phillips got his numbers. Phillips mentions the Drudge Report in his post.

Right now, Obama loses the first question overwhelmingly. Only 25% of Americans strongly approve of the way Obama is handling his job while 44% strongly disapprove. That is a huge gap. Only 30% of Americans believe the nation is headed in the right direction.

President Obama's approval numbers have been going up in polls. The question is are we talking about Obama's approval rating on the economy or national security. A March 7, 2011 Gallup poll has Obama's approval rating at 45 percent. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has Obama's approval at 50 percent.

Fifty percent of Americans approve of the president's job performance, his highest mark since the killing of Osama Bin Laden, while 45 percent disapprove. He leads former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney 50 percent to 44 in a hypothetical match-up, an improvement from December, when he was effectively tied with Romney.

The poll showed Obama's approval rating has now improved to 45 percent among white women, a key voting bloc. Those numbers could stem from the improving economy, which has helped Obama's ratings overall, or the controversies in the GOP primary, particularly the recent debate on contraception.

Again, what exactly is Phillips referencing when he writes about Obama's approval rating. Americans are generally dissatisfied with the economy. Obama's approval rating on economic matters has been less than stellar. When it comes to women, Obama's approval rating has increased. (Rush Limbaugh supporter, Mr. Phillips, fails to mention that.) An AP-GfK poll show 53 percent of women approve of the president.

I like to know where Phillips got only "25% of Americans strongly approve." I like to know the size of the poll sample and what polling firm conducted the poll. Was this poll done through automated calls or by interviewers? Anyone who knows how to read a poll can tell that Phillips is either bullshitting or doesn't understand polling data.

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