Wednesday, February 29, 2012

USF Student Sit-In Tomorrow

The Students for a Democratic Society will stage a sit-in on March 1. Students will meet at 12:00PM at Cooper Hall. The SDS is asking you to leave your classes at noon. I am not willing to go that far.

The SDS is protesting the 8 percent tuition hike appoved by the Florida House. The SDS and USF students have reason to be angry after JD Alexander tried to pass Draconian cuts. The Florida legislature has done little to properly fund K-12 and state university education. On the other hand, Florida tuition rates are still lower than many parts of the country.

I do encourage students to become politically engaged and discuss ways to make education better in Florida.

Update: There will be protests on state campuses across Florida. The part I like best is students will protest outside of Mike Haridopolos' office.

Students from the University of Florida will rally outside Senate President Mike Haridopolos's office on the UF campus, where he teaches a political science course. Florida State University and Florida A&M University students will march from their Tallahassee campuses to the Capitol. University of South Florida students will stage a walkout from classes then walk across campuses. Florida Atlantic University students and teachers will hold a joint teach-in. University of West Florida students will gather on the campuses' main lawn, and at the University of Central Florida, students will construct a "Wall of Debt" out of bricks representing individual students' loan burdens.

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