Monday, February 27, 2012

Jim Norman Admits to Violating the Law

Jim Norman protested about how he was innocent. Norman maintained that a $500,000 house paid for by Ralph Hughes of a business venture by Norman's wife Mearline.

NORMAN: "I'm not getting into my wife's investment portfolio. That's my wife's interests."

Mearline Norman hasn't worked in years and shares a joint bank account with Norman. Norman says he knew nothing about the $500,000 Arkansas home in his wife's name. That doesn't pass the laugh test. Apparently, the Florida Commission of Ethics felt the same way. Norman decided to take a plea deal.

TAMPA State Sen. Jim Norman has signed a consent order with the Florida Commission on Ethics admitting he violated the law when he did not disclose a $500,000 loan from a political supporter to his wife.

Norman, 58, of Tampa, signed the consent order Feb. 9, six days after the ethics commission found probable cause he had broken the law. He admitted to four counts, including not disclosing a gift, and not disclosing his interest in an Arkansas home and two boats.

The good news is Norman admits to breaking the law. The bad news is Norman is still a member of the Florida Senate. Florida is in desperate need for stiffer corruption laws. If we don't reform the system the result is more bought of politicians like Norman. If you aren't convinced that Hughes buying the Norman family a house isn't corruption than you are either a partisan or disengaged from reality.

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