Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dumbass Threatens President Obama on Facebook

Miami resident Amador Serrapio Jr. threatened President Barck Obama on Facebook. Serrapio, to the shock of no one, lives with his mother. The Secret Service were granted permission by Serrapio and his mother to search the house. The Secret Service found the threatening Facebook postings. A pellet rifle and handgun was also found. The Secret Service also found the Ipad the Facebook messages were written on.

The first of Serrapio's Facebook postings was written under the alias "Jay Valor."

Who wants to help me assassinate Obummer while hes at UM this week?

"UM" is the University of Miami.

The second posting.

If anyones going to UM to see obama today, get ur phones out and record. Cause at any moment im gonna put a bullet through his head and u don't wanna miss that! Youtube!

Apparently, it is Obama's fault that Serrapio still lives with mom and is barely literate. If you don't believe Serrapio is dumb then explain how did he think he could get away with threatening the president on the largest public forum in the world?

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