Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheriff Arpaio Gets A Dose of Reality

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a sad excuse for a law enforcement officer. Arpaio went on Univision to talk about his bogus investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate. Arpaio sad he is investigation Obama's birth certificate because members of the tea party asked him to. That is a rather silly excuse. Just because someone comes to the sheriff with a conspiracy theory doesn't mean he should investigate it. However, if you are a racist and love being in front of the camera, like Arpaio, then that is another story.

Arpaio tells Univision host Jorge Ramos that the good sheriff is popular with the Hispanic community. Ramos challenges Arpaio on this claim. Ramos informs the sheriff that several poll show that the Hispanic community does not love Arpaio. Hilarity ensues.

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