Saturday, October 01, 2011

Gay Bashing Attack Against Kevin Beckner

Republican Margaret Iuculano is running for incumbant Kevin Beckner's Hillsborough County Commission District 6 seat. Beckner has been a pro-business politician and has a mild-mannered governing style. One hardly thinks of the liberal politics of San Francisco when it comes to Beckner. That doesn't stop Iuculano from linking Beckner with San Francisco in a campaign mailer.

In a fundraising letter to supporters, Iuculano links Beckner to an “ultra-liberal style San Francisco agenda.”

“San Francisco, controlled by a radical, left-wing city council, continues to impose the same agenda Kevin Beckner is attempting to force on Hillsborough County,” Iuculano says in the letter.

Beckner is openly gay. Brian Blair ran an anti-gay campaign against Beckner and lost. The result was a landslide victory for Beckner. DADT has been repealed and voters are slowly becoming less scared about gay marriage. Beckner won in 2008 in a more hostile environment to gays. Iuculano's "San Francisco" attacks will only work with the tea party base. Hillsborough County voters have already decided that Beckner's sexuality is not an issue.

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