Sunday, September 25, 2011

Women Maced At Occupy Wall Street Protest

Female protesters were corralled behind orange netting. The women were maced by the police. I don't know why the women were maced. Police don't mace protesters at a tea party rally because they know Fox News would go ballistic.

The video below shows the orange netting is being used to separate the protesters headed to Union Square.

Here is a video of a protester taken down by several police officers.

These protests are getting ugly. Law enforcement officers and nerves will be frayed from being yelled at and filmed. Protesters will be suspicious of authority. This is a combination that is bound to create violence. This could be Seattle in 1999 all over again.

The amount of protesters taking to the streets disrupts New York City. Wall Street fears that OWS could (unlikely) shut down financial operations. I sympathize with the difficult situation Mayor Bloomberg is in. I also believe that the protesters should be unharmed. The videos do not tell the full story. It does make me concerned about the safety of the protesters.

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