Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pam Olson: Rick Perry's Florida Campaign Co-Chair

Pam Olson of the Tallahassee House of Prayer (IHOP for short) is the Florida co-chair of Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign. Olson has a history of being anti-gay and anti-abortion. Olson describes God as if he is having a seizure.

God is shaking. If anybody looks at the news and has just seen what's been happening recently with the floods, the fires, the tornadoes, God is shaking. Yeah I think you have God shaking, sure you have the Enemy shaking, you have both and I don't want to say oh that's the judgment of God or that's the Enemy. But the reality is God is judging us, and I think it's going to get worse.

What an inspiring message of fearmongering.

In 2:33 of this Keith Olbermann video, Olson talks about who she will bring back from the dead. I shit you not.

Judging by how Perry did in the P5 straw poll, Perry would have done better if he selected a co-chair that knew more about campaign and less about necromancy.

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