Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama Speech to the Congressional Black Caucus

President Barack Obama's speech to the CBC was the best speech he gave in ages. If Obama's approval ratings was up and Tim Geithner's and Lawrence Summers' economic policies actually worked then the President would have given a safe speech about bipartisanship. Neoliberalism turned out to be a bust for Obama.

Instead Obama delivered a speech that was part FDR and part Jesse Jackson. Obama pounded the podium and actually seemed ticked off at the end. Whatever Obama's reasoning, we need a President that is fired up and ready to fight. Republicans are committed to not passing any of the President's agenda. Obama tried bipartisanship and is smarting from the base telling him that the Republicans took him to the cleaners during the debt ceiling negotiations. If the Republicans have no interest in governing then the only way Obama can pass anything is by going to the American people. In the likely event that the Congressional Republicans ignore their low approval ratings and continue to sink the economy, Obama has a strong campaigfn message about the Republicans more concerned with corporate tax loopholes and sabotaging Medicare than putting people back to work. This is the direction Obama must take for political and policy purposes.

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