Saturday, September 24, 2011

More Rick Scott Emails Lost

If the Florida legislature wasn't so sorrupt they would be would be investigating Gov. Rick Scott. Republicans in the Florida Senate didn't force Democrat Gary Siplin to step down after he was convicted of a felony grand theft. The legislislature isn't about to holding hearings for emails being deleted from Rick Scott's personal iPad.

Gov. Rick Scott's administration has acknowledged emails on the governor's personal iPad were accidently deleted, a potential violation of state law, an open-government advocacy organization said Friday.

A state information technology employee was trying to put an application on the tablet in May to retrieve and print out the emails to and from the governors transition team, but the 200 emails were deleted instead.

We are suppose to believe that the emails were lost while an unnamed employee was actually trying to retrieve them. This is an administration waited 8 months to go public about other emails from the transition team that were lost. This is the same administration that uses public email accounts to avoid the Sunshine law that allows the media to see emails from government email accounts. This is a governor that invoked the Fifth amendment 75 times in a 2000 deposition. There is no reason to give Scott the benefit of the doubt.

Scott knows he can get away with losing emails because the Republican-controlled Florida legislature will not investigate him. The current crop of Republicans could care less about their duties of upholding the laws. The embarrassment that is the Jim Greer trail is proof of that. What we have is Scott's power unchecked. Don't expect that an email from the Scott administration will ever see the light of day. Thanks to the legislature, Scott has been given the power to ignore the Sunshine law.

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