Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wingnut of the Day: Rich Swier

Rich Swier is a Sarasota native that blogs at Red County and theTea Party Nation. Swier is also a conspirary theorist. Which makes him perfect for Judson Phillips Tea Party Nation blog. Swier's latest blog post is so over the top it is hard to believe he is serious. The headline is hysterical.

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Boy Scouts of America

Swier has a history writing blog posts about Muslims secretly infiltrating America. Swier's blog posts smack xenophobia and McCarthyism. His proof of the Muslim Brotherhood's fiendish agenda to take kids camping is a link the National Islamic Committee on Scouting. The NICS is so secret that they have their own web site. Nowhere in the description of the organization is the Muslim Brotherhood mentioned. This may come as a surprise to Swier but the Boy and Girl Scouts have many differnt religions in their organizations.

Swier doesn't seem to understand what the Muslim Brotherhood is. There is debate about the Brotherhood's actual agenda. What most people can agree on is toasting marshmellows with kids isn't part of their master plan. The protests and toppling the government of Hosni Mubarak was done largely by students not motivated by religion. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood have held elected government positions in Mubarek's government. The Muslim Brotherhood are concerned about gaining political power in Egypt. Only a paranoid maniac like Swier would believe the Muslim Brotherhood cares about the Boy Scouts.

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