Monday, September 26, 2011

Rick Scott's Let's Get Laid Off Program

Gov. Rick Scott tells supporters at the CPAC of Florida that government doesn't create jobs.

We’ve had plenty of success so far. Not enough…In Florida, unemployment rate’s gone from 12 percent down to 10.7. We’re still above the national average, but we’ve generated 87,200 private sector jobs — private sector! And we have 15,000 less government jobs in the state of Florida. [Applause] Government doesn’t create jobs.

Governor, the reason government isn't creating jobs is because you laid off 15,000 government workers. It takes a lot a hubris to brag about Florida's unemployment rate being at 10.7 percent. Especially when Scott ran on creating jobs.

Update: Scott is either ignorant or not being candid about private sector job numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida was second in mass layoffs for August. There were 961 mass layoffs of 50 or more employees in August. The question is how many of those layoffs were government workers

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