Tuesday, September 13, 2011

John Thrasher's Incompetent Lawyer Excuse

John Thrasher fought against the Florida Hometown Democracy amendment at the behest of developers. In the Florida Senate, Thrasher sponsored an education bill that required year end assessment tests. Thrasher's lobbying firm Southern Strategy was paid by testing firms to get more testing in k-12 education. How bad is Thrasher's conflict of interests in his duel roles as a lawmaker and lobbyist, consider that as a member of the Florida House, Thrasher lobbied on the behave of the Florida Medical Association. Thrasher was reprimanded on the House floor for this transgression.

It is fun to see Thrasher get duly deserved scorn for former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer's sleazy severance contract. Thrasher uses the incompetent defense to claim that he did not know that he signed a severance contact to get rid of Greer. Thrasher is a lawyer and was taking control of the RPOF from Greer. Thrasher testified to attorney Don Lykkebak that he was utterly clueless while performing these chairmanship and legal duties. Unfortunately for Thrasher, he told the media at the time that there was no severance contract.

"You don't recall telling them there was no such thing?" Lykkebak said in transcripts of the deposition, referring to Thrasher's statements to reporters.

"I may have said there was no effectuated agreement, yes sir. Because in ..."

"Lykkebak interrupted, "Well, that was a little reckless on your part seeing how you signed one, wouldn't you say?"

Slam dunk!

The Jim Greer trial is going to be fun.

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