Monday, September 12, 2011

Bobby Jindal to Endorse Rick Perry

Word is Bobby Jindal is set to endorse Rick Perry for president. I can't think of better person to endorse Perry than Jindal.

Perry may be one of the few people who actually think abstinence sex education actually works. Jindal goes one step further than Perry with his Christian Right views. Jindal wrote in the New Oxford Review that he performed an exorcism.

Perry has repeatedly attacked President Obama's stimulus. That did not stop Perry from using stimulus money to balance the Texas budget. Jindal has begged for federal funding to deal with the Katrina and BP spill disasters. During his response to President Obama's first State of the Union, Jindal said that the federal government should not get involved in disaster relief. Never mind the people that were drowning during Katrina. Jindal makes Perry appear centrist. Wow.

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