Thursday, September 08, 2011

Alex Sink Is Back

Like the villain in a horror movie, Alex Sink keeps coming back. Never mind that no one is asking Sink to step back onto the political stage. Sink has launched Florida Next Foundation. The nonprofit organization bills itself as a "game-changer" for small businesses in the state.

Side note: excuse me. I am laughing after typing that last sentence.

Back on topic: from the press release.

By using an innovative platform of interactive social networking, in-person policy forums around the state, online surveys, and opinion polling, Florida Next will give Floridians a voice on the key issues facing all of us today – the Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment.

Translation: Sink's daughter told her about Twitter and Facebook.

Sink announced that that she wanted to make a think tank like the The Brookings Institution. An actual think tank writes policy papers and does research. Florida Next has a board of directors that includes Sink's husband Bill McBride and former Blue Dog Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas. These people make the Obama administration look like FireDogLake bloggers.

I fail to see what influence a board with three defeated politicians will have on Florida policy. The netroots is going to avoid Florida Next. The few Democrats are more likely to heed the words of lobbyists are think tanks like the Center of American Progress.

If Florida Next doesn't produce research or policy papers then it is nothing more than an attempt by failed politicians to remain relevant.

Join the "Stop Alex Sink" page on Facebook.

Update: Sink responds to criticism that the faux think tank is to help set up another gubernatorial campaign.

"That’s a long way away," former state chief financial officer Sink, 63, said when asked about running for governor again Tuesday. "People may criticize and say I have some other agenda, but the opposite would be that I go hide under the covers and do nothing. I don’t think that’s good for our state."

Sink then dodges answering if she plans on running again.

And the next governor’s race? Life, she said, is unpredictable.

"If you had told me 10 years ago that in the next 10 years my husband would run for governor, that I would be the CFO of the state of Florida, that I would be running for governor I would look at you and say you are friggin’ out of your mind."

I simple yes or no answer would suffice. Sink can't do that because she does plan on running. God help us all.

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