Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hip to Be Square: Jon Huntsman

Apparently, Jon Huntsman doesn't know whether he is running for President of the United States or coolest scenester at the Hub. Huntsman made a Kurt Cobain reference at the CNN/Tea Party debate that went over the heads of the crowd. (The tea partiers must be Pearl Jam fans.) With the help of fellow hipster Jeb Bush Jr., Huntman is unveiling GenH. No word on if Huntsman will reference the the Douglas Coupland book "Generation X."

Huntsman’s campaign today announced the GenH program has 139 campus chapters in 42 states and is “the most broad-based youth program in the Republican field.”

Bush is the chairman of GenH. As far as I can tell Huntsman's idea of appealing to young voters is a logo with a red H.

The Huntsman campaign has released a list of college campuses they wish to set up big red H chapters. I can't find what the platform Huntsman is going to sell to young voters. It is a good idea for Huntsman to go after young voters. I am just not sure how Huntsman proposes to perform this task. My feeling is the Huntsman campaign is asking themselves the same question.

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