Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Surprise: Gary Siplin in Trouble

Florida Sen. Gary Siplin is in trouble again. Siplin spent $13,000 to pay campaign workers. The problem is Siplin hasn't disclosed who those workers are.

Siplin's campaign treasurer, Arnold Gibbs, told investigators that the poll workers were paid in cash because "the Democratic Party of Florida did not pay the poll workers and we did not have enough campaign checks."

What candidate in this day and age would pay worker in cold cash and not keep records. This looks like Siplin funneled the money to himself. Siplin also accepted two $500.00 checks from Florida Phosphate CCE. The law allows Siplin to accept only one $500.00 check from Florida Phosphate CCE.

The The Florida Elections Commission has filed 8 charges Siplin from campaign violations. State Attorney Lawson Lamar has decided not to file criminal charges. You wouldn't know that by the way Siplin is doging the media. This is a man that doesn't want to make any comments on the record.

Why is Siplin still holding public office? Siplin was arrested and convicted breaking election laws in 2006. The conviction was overturned on appeal. Siplin's reaction to the media at that time was to jump over a fence instead of answering questions. Siplin is a disgrace and unworthy of his elected post.

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