Monday, September 19, 2011

The Gods of Mount MSNBC

Failed gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink appeared on Political Connections and stuck to the talking points she used in a recent St. Petersburg Times interview. Sink continues not to take responsibly for running a horrible campaign.

"I keep going back to two things: One is a guy who put up $75 million of his own money and outspent us probably two- or three-to-one. And the second very important thing, as you've reported on, is just the environment of the nation — a very anti-incumbent, anti-Washington, anti-the president (mood)," Sink said in the interview airing today at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

The buck stops at the next train station. Alex Sink is a former bank. So Sink knows how to move dollars. Unfortunately, taking responsibility is a skill set, along with communicating her stance on health care and not boring voters, that she is lacking.

When Sink runs unopposed after she gets FDP chairman Rod Smith to clear the field, bloggers/activists Kenneth Quinnell, Joy-Ann Reid, Benjamin Kirby and Ray Seaman will swear allegiance to Sink by blood sacrifice. They will pray to or curse the mighty Gods presiding at Daily Kos and FireDogLake. The Gods will tell these bloggers that their leader Sink has been given the speaking gifts of a mute, the charisma of a stone and a fire that has been smoldered. The mighty Greek named Crist is directly descended from the Gods of Mount Populist. This is the hero that they will choose.

These bloggers will protest and write nasty posts directed at the Gods. The Gods will be too busy counting the blogad money that their subjects have bestowed on them. The Gods will gather at Mount MSNBC and tell their messenger Chuck Todd to give Sink another award for worst political candidate. Reid will pound her fists on her blackberry and tweet "#emoprogs."

Sink will tell the Florida blogging and Tallahassee establishments that only she can beat Rick Scott. Sink will venture to Hades to tell Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Wilson that she has had his position. She has felt the stinging pain of those that have made too much money. Sink will make sure that companies don't have to pay the harsh 5.5 percent corporate tax. Together with Tallahassee and the business community, Sink will mount the kind of campaign that made Buddy McKay, and her husband Bill McBride so successful. The bloggers will be so hypothesized by Sink that they won't notice that she has not issued a major policy position.

When Rick Scott is re-elected these same bloggers will write mean posts about Sink and say they never believed her. That must mean these bloggers never believed in Sink when they wrote those posts about her being a champion for Floridians. The day after the general election the A list blogging Gods will gather at Mount MSNBC and share hearty laughs about how Florida Democrats foolishly backed Sink for a second election.

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