Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Scott Makeover Fail

Gov. Rick Scott really wants people to like him. Scott is going into overdrive on his image makeover. Scott was asked to speak as a role model to middle schoolers at the Derrick Brooks Camp. Scott offered his thoughts on President Barack Obama.

"He's a nice guy. He's working hard."

Scott was speaking to an audience of mostly black children. Scott couldn't go on his usual bogus tirade about President Obama owning a mosque in New York City. In case you think Scott as turned over a new leave consider what he said about newspapers.

"It's a better job than you think," Scott said. "The newspapers only write good things about you."

Either Scott told these kids a major fib or he has been snorting ritalin. If Scott thinks the newspapers have been "only write good things" about him then Florida has a delusional governor. Considering how Scott avoided been interviewed by editorial boards it was obvious he knew that he would be asked some uunnice things about his scandal-plagued career in the health care industry.

As usual, Scott fails miserably when asked a tough question. Only Rick Scott can make a middle schooler come off as Mike Wallace.

But the middle-schoolers did not just lob softball questions. One complained that the state had reduced support for foster families.

"We didn't cut. We didn't cut their checks," Scott said, taken aback. He suggested the child call the state. "Somebody else has got your money."

Scott tells the kid to call the state. How about the governor ask his people to find out about his foster parents checks. After all, Scott is the chief executive of the state of Florida. This guy is pathetic.

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