Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rapture: Sharon's Choice

Whether you believe in God or not, The Rapture is a masterpiece. The scene when Sharon sends her daughter to God in one of most disturbing in cinema history. The final rapture comes shortly after the murder. Sharon loses her faith in will not process her love to God after she feels God made her kill her daughter.

The God of The Rapture is the God of the Old Testament. This God expects people to do whatever he requests to proof their love. Sharon killed her daughter of her own free will (correctly) believing that she would be sent to heaven. Sharon couldn't kill herself because that is a sin. God brought Sharon out to the desert to test her. God never said that Sharon was to kill her daughter. It is never clear why God sent her out to the desert. What is clear is the God in The Rapture expects complete devotion to him.

A born again Christian tells Sharon in jail that God forgives people for their sins.

"Who forgives God?," Sharon replies.

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