Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quote of the Day

“As someone who was a leader in the White House that turned a record surplus into a deficit, that got us in a war that we never should have been in, and turned the floor of the New York Stock Exchange into a casino? I don’t think the American people are quite ready to hear a lecture from you on good governance.”

Bill Burton, former Obama administration spokesman slamming Karl Rove on Fox News.

I guarantee that if Burton was still serving in the Obama administration he would take Rove's criticism and say both parties need to compromise. Burton's remarks (unsurprisingly) tell me the The White House's poor messaging comes directly from President Obama and filters down. Obama does not want confrontation. The Republicans want to rip Obama a new one. The result is Obama's poll numbers are sinking to Rick Scott levels.

The Gallup poll shows Obama with a 39 percent. Three months ago Obama's job approval was 56 percent in the Gallup poll. Obama's strategy triangulation and giving the Republicans everything they wanted it the debt ceiling deal killed his poll numbers and resulted in Standard & Poors downgrading the United States credit rating. I would like the Obamabots to explain to me how Obama is playing three dimensional chess and I am not smart enough to realize what a political and policy genius the president is. Go ahead, Obamabots. Tell me.

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