Saturday, August 20, 2011

Team Scott's E-mails Deleted Excuse

Gov. Rick Scott hasn't been known for his love of transparency. Scott's Director Of Press Relations, Brian Burgess did a major fuck you to the media by posted a picture on Twitter of documents that the Scott Administration refused to release to the media. Scott has increased the cost and red tape involved in gaining access to documents. The Scott administration do not use government email accounts to communicate government business with each other. They use private Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail accounts. This is the same strategy the Bush administration used during the Bush administration scandal involving the firing of U.S. Attorneys. Like the Bush administration, Team Scott has accidently deleted their emails.

The e-mail accounts of Rick Scott and most of the governor-elect's transition team were deleted soon after he took office, potentially erasing public records that state law requires be kept.

Scott's team acknowledged for the first time this week that the private company providing e-mail service deleted the records as early as mid January, about the time the Times/Herald first sought transition e-mails.

Team Scott is using the incompetent excuse. Hey, don't blame them because they have computer skill below that of a 12 year-old. However, believe every word about them creating jobs during one of the worst economic times in memory. Team Scott is competent. Except when they are incompetent. Got that?

The ACLU is outraged about the loss of the emails.

The reports that Governor Scott’s transition team deleted email accounts which contained public records are just the latest chapter in the Scott administration’s ongoing saga of disregard for the constitutional requirement of open government.

Time and again, the Scott administration has violated the public trust with its disdain for transparency. Now, with public records that the law requires be kept potentially being deleted, the public trust isn’t all that may have been violated.

We are disappointed, but not surprised, that once again this administration has let down Floridians who expect transparency, openness, and honesty from their government.

We have a governor who has a history of not giving straight answers during depositions.

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