Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Profile in Courage: Dean Cannon

Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon didn't show up to the redistricting hearing in his own district. That might have something to do with Cannon ordering the House to file a lawsuit against the Fair Districts amendment that were approved with 60 percent of the vote. Voters are irked that Cannon is using tax dollars to fight against ending gerrymandered districts.

One speaker Wednesday said he was disappointed Cannon “didn’t have the guts to show up” for the hearing to explain himself.

Orange County League of Women Voters President Charlie Williams, who lives in Cannon’s district, also said he was disappointed the speaker wasn’t present. He also read from court filings the House’s outside counsel, GrayRobinson, had filed stating the Legislature had a “substantial interest” in invalidating Amendment 6.

“This is not acceptable this must stop. Let’s move forward.”

There have been questions by voters on why the Florida legislature has refused to show early maps of the districts. There are also questions about the software being used to draw the districts. Cannon's no show act doesn't inspire confidence.

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