Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hasner's Latest Nutty Mailer

I agree with Peter Schorsch's assessment of Adam Hasner's horrible mailer. Hasner proves himself to be an unserious man by stating that he is being attacked by a "terrorist front group." There are real terrorists and for Hasner to imply that he has been attacked by terrorists is a ccowardly attempt at attention. It is also a slanderous remark towards CAIR. The organization CAIR exists to fight bigotry towards Muslims. The exact bigotry Hasner used in his mailer. This tone Hasner is taking has Rick Wilson's work written all over it.

Hasner attacks George LeMieux for Charlie Crist's cap and trade policy. The hypocrisy is amazing. Hasner himself supported cap and trade. Hasner goes on to attack Crist. Apparently, Hasner hasn't gotten the memo that Crist is not running in the 2012 Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Wilson has probably told Hasner he needs to move away from his previous moderate image. The trouble is Wilson is a hard-right conservative. Bashing Charlie Crist and Muslims may play well in the Republican primary. In the general election Bill Nelson's team will paint Hasner has an unhinged extremist.

Side note: Hasner's attacks on Crist are bound to piss off Schorsch. I can guarantee Schorsch will use his blog and political consultant power to make Hasner pay. Schorsch is the defacto protector of the Crist brand. Schorsch's girlfriend Michelle Todd worked on Crist's campaign. It is safe to say Schorsch will work on Crist's next campaign.

Adam Hasner's Fundraising Letter Attacking George Lemieux

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