Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea Party Nation Urban Survival Course

Benjamin Kirby received a hysterical right-wing e-mail. Tea party activists want to halt the restoration of mosques in Muslim countries. Perhaps banning the restoration of Catholic churches in Italy was too ambitious a project.

I am on the Tea Party Nation e-mail list. The daily ramblings of Judson Phillips is better than reading The Onion. Phillips and business associates are huckstering people with an urban survival mini-course. This course will teach you how to survive the natural disasters, terrorist attacks, riots and the "out-of-control inflation like what Argentina, Zimbabwe, and the Weimar Republic experienced." Apparently, Robert Rubin is an instructor for the survival mini-course.

Can you say scam? I knew you could.

The text of the e-mail below the fold. Beware of misplaced capital leters in the text. What is it with conservatives and the caps key?

"Warning: The Unprepared May NOT
Survive The Next Natural Disaster,
Terrorist Attack, or Pandemic...

Claim Your FREE Urban Survival
Mini-Course and Be Prepared
Right In Your Own Home..."

In light of recent global unrest and natural disasters, we want to bring you this urgent letter from David Morris, author of the acclaimed Urban Survival Course and founder of SurviveInPlace.com.

From: David Morris
RE: How to survive in crazy times (right where you are)

Dear Friend,

Don't ignore the very real and growing dangers reported in the news today.

Too many people mistakenly believe that being prepared means escaping to a fully stocked retreat far away from civilization.

Because in the real world we have families to raise, jobs to do, and lives to live, there isn't the time, money or desire to build the proverbial 'fall out shelter'.
This myth leads most people to resign themselves to do nothing. Worse, far too many believe the government will take care of them.
That's NOT a survival strategy.

That's gambling with your life and the lives of your loved ones.
The price is too high.

I know, once upon a time I was unprepared.

But I couldn't ignore the growing threats and I knew there had to be a better plan than 'hoping for the best'.

Here's the thing...

You need to have a WORKABLE plan.

If you pin your survival on getting to a far away retreat I have bad news for you...
In times of crisis you may not even be able to GET THERE.

So unless you plan on living like a hermit off in the middle of nowhere and spend a gazillion dollars on supplies and equipment, you're going to want to read every word of this urgent letter right now.

The good news is that I did all the research for you and created a FREE mini-course that more than 4,000 military, law enforcement, and preparedness minded people have gone through to get their families prepared to survive disasters and breakdowns in civil order.

My course shows people how to survive short, medium, and long term disasters in their current location when relocating to a fully-stocked rural retreat isn't an option.

Many have called it the most practical and complete course on modern survival that exists today.

Today, I'm offering you instant access to my 7 part Urban Survival Mini-Course when you click the link below:

Urban Survival Mini Course

In it, you'll learn:

* The 10 most common (and most dangerous) mistakes that people make and how to quickly and inexpensively fix them.

* 10 universal realities of modern survival in urban areas. Whether you're in a small town or NYC, if you don't understand these, you'll be at a disadvantage when a disaster happens.

* How to improve your situational awareness so that you can identify and avoid danger before it happens. Many have reported that this lesson dramatically changed their lives for the better... IMMEDIATELY.

* Common sense steps you can take to protect your family from out-of-control inflation like what Argentina, Zimbabwe, and the Weimar Republic experienced.

* Why you don't have to be rich, have a full arsenal, or a fully stocked rural retreat to survive disasters (you don't have to leave where you currently live!).
* And much more...

Claim your access to my 7 part Urban Survival Mini-Course here:
Urban Survival Mini Course

Don't delay...

In the last year alone people just like you have been ambushed by natural disasters, riots in the streets, power outages, financial crisis and terrorist attacks.

Act now while you still have time to prepare... it's way easier than you think.
I sincerely hope you never need this information, but if you do, it could mean the difference between barely getting by OR... being the answer to prayerthat your friends and neighbors desperately need after a disaster.

You'll soon see why it's been endorsed by industry leaders such as Tim Schmidt (US Concealed Carry Association), Jeff Anderson (International Society of Close Quarters Combatants), and Tim Larkin (Target Focus Training), and more.

With contributions from over 30 subject matter experts, including military (SpecOp), police (SWAT), private contractors, "other government operators", bio-weapons specialists, geneticists, negotiating and bartering experts, SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape) trainers, you'll be able to learn and apply new skills in each lesson.

Enough talk... act now while there is still time and while it's FREE!
Best regards,
David Morris

P.S. Go to Urban Survival Mini Course and get your free 7 part Urban Survival Mini-Course right now. You'll be glad you did. When you're there, you'll also get a special limited time offer to receive a FREE copy of the book, "Urban Survival Guide!"

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