Monday, July 25, 2011

Governor Skeletor on the Internet

Behold the Governor Skeletor web sites on Facebook and at The blog posts such gems like this.

What does the performance of these children have to do with how profitable these schools are for me? It's for the best that they never learn how to read and write. Kids who are taught to think will be more likely to ask questions about why they're being sent to labor camps.

I believe Peter Schorsch first came up with the nickname Skeletor for Rick Scott. I know this because a reliable source informed me of this. That source would be Peter Schorsch.

So I googled “Rick Scott + Skeletor” and the first, and practically only, reference to such a search is on Saint Petersblog.

So now, here comes Mac Stipanovich doing his “I’m the wise old man of Tallahassee” routine, cribbin’ my line abour Rick Scott lookin’ like Skeletor.

That’s almost as bad as wtching Frank Langella play Skeletor in the live action version of Masters of the Universe. Actually, nothing’s that bad.

Peter actually watched the Masters of the Universe movie? Really?

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At July 25, 2011 11:02 PM , Blogger Peter Schorsch said...

A young Courtney Cox...are you kidding me, of course, I watched Masters of the Universe.


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