Thursday, July 07, 2011

Patrick Murphy Raises $450,000

Florida congressional District 22 candidate Patrick Murphy raised $450,000 in the second quarter.

"I am extremely pleased with the unprecedented support our campaign is receiving. Beating Tea Party darling Allen West is going to require raising a great deal of money, but this campaign is proving we can do it. If West isn't concerned about losing his job, then he should be - because there is a growing bi-partisan coalition of support against him. Just as we're seeing with his friend Gov. Rick Scott, there is tremendous buyers remorse - and a desire for more moderate and balanced thinking," said Murphy.

As businessman and CPA, Patrick Murphy is a strong proponent of the middle class. He supports very targeted cuts to improve the efficiency of government and the closing of corporate tax loopholes and ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to bring more resources back home. He is staunchly pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and against the latest GOP-led attacks on health care reform and Medicare.

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Murphy will face Lois Frankel in the Democratic primary. The winner will face Allen West.



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