Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scott & Bondi Reject Jenkins Nomination

Attorney General Pam Bondi once again politically aligned herself with Gov. Rick Scott. This time they both rejected Cassandra Jenkins from being reappointed to the Parole Commission.

Scott said this about Jenkins.

“We’re trying to make sure that their first priority is public safety,” Scott said. Asked if that was meant to say that that wasn’t Jenkins’ first priority, Scott said Jenkins was welcome to reapply.

“Whoever we pick, their first priority is going to be public safety,” Scott said.

Bondi on Jenkins.

“It’s a public safety issue to me,” Bondi said after the meeting, after listing several criminals to whom Jenkins voted to grant parole even though they’d committed serious crimes. “It’s a serious public safety issue when it involves serial rapists and murderers.”

Scott and Bondi did not cite any evidence against Jenkins fitness to serve on the Parole Commission.

Side note: Jenkins is black and was placed on the Parole Commission with the help of former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Side note 2: Scott ran an ad titled "Obama's Mosque." Scott falsely labeled Obama a member of the Islamic faith, in order to stoke fear.

Side note 4: A former employeee of Scott's company Solantic told Salon.com that Scott was against the hiring of Hispanics and Muslims because they were not "clean-cut" enough.

Conservative will argue that Scott isn't racist because he has a black Lt. Governor that has no role in formulating policy.

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