Monday, June 20, 2011

Jamie Leigh Jones Testifies

Jamie Leigh Jones finally gets her chance to tell her story in court.

"One of the firefighter, he handed me a drink. He said, 'Don't worry I saved all my ruffies for Dubai," Jones testified. She says she was drugged with what she believes was a sedative Rohypnol, widely known as a date-rape drug" and also known by the nickname "ruffies."

Jones said she woke up the next morning in her room and discovered she was naked, sore and had bruises and scratches on her thighs and wrists.

She said she had no memory of what happened to her. She said she found (Charles) Bortz in the room with her and he told her that they had sex the night before.

"I was putting the pieces together. I was figuring it out. I knew I had been raped," Jones said as she cried. At one point during her testimony, Jones took a short break to regain her compposure.

The firefighters worked for KBR, which was a subsidiary to Halliburtion. The sexual assault against Jones occurred in 2005. Halliburton and KBR severed ties on April 5, 2007. Jones' civil suit is against Halliburton, KBR and Bortz.

Jones was examined by an Army doctor. Shockingly, the Army gave the rape kit back to KBR. Jones' legal team has never seen the rape kit.

Jones testified to being locked in a trailer by KBR after her doctor's examination.

I'm scared to death. I want my dad. He's my protector," Jones said. "As I'm banging on the door, I say I need to get out of here. I need a phone. I need to contact my dad."

Jones got a phone from KBR employee Jamie Armstrong. The latter saw the Army give the rape kit to KBR. Jones called her father. Jones' father contacted Congressman Ted Poe. Jones was released and treated in the United States for her injuries.

Jones testimony, of her injuries, to the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Dr. Schultz confirmed that I had been penetrated both vaginally and anally, and that I was "quite torn up down there." She indicated that based upon the physical damage to my genitalia, that it was apparent that I had been raped. She stated that she didn't know if I wanted to hear it or not, but I had "also been sexually assaulted anally." Dr. Schultz took photographs, and completed a form that indicated the bruising on my inner thighs and stomach, and on my wrists. She also took swabs, vaginal combings, and then put the entire kit together in a small, white box. I watched her give this box to the KBR security personnel as I was again turned over to these men.

The security guards then locked Jones in a trailer. Jones wasn't allowed to leave. Apparently, KBR considers being a rape victim a crime.

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