Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mary Anne Carter Out

Mary Anne Carter is best known to the public as a Rick Scott staffer who uses private e-mail accounts to avoid Florida's Sunshine Law. Carter refuses to do government business on her government e-mail account. This policy is also used by the Gov. Scott and Brian Burgess, the Director Of Press Relations. Carter is leaving the Scott administration.

Carter and Prendergast essentially split the responsibility of running the governor’s office, both sharing the same rank in the office’s organizational structure and the same salary. But Carter, who served as the governor’s transition director and as executive director of Scott’s Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, was largely thought to be the most influential staffer inside the Scott camp.

For weeks, capital insiders have speculated that Steve MacNamara, currently Senate President Mike Haridopolos’ chief of staff, would replace Prendergast as chief of staff. Scott, at a recent press conference, acknowledged that he had met MacNamara, but did not elaborate on any discussions he had had with him.

Scott is suffering from low approval ratings. Scott is cleaning house under the impression that it will change his political fortunes. What Scott doesn't realize is Floridians are just not that into him.

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